June 17, 2010

Maria Bella Jewelry. feminine beauty

For those who loves jewelry of clear, simple, yet sophisticated lines and accents I present you Maria Bella Jewelry. She uses gemstone beads and crystals in her creations. While she mainly uses silver plated metal or sterling silver, but you can also find some lovely jewelry made with brass and pewter. Maria likes the clean look of pearls and silver. Subtle combination of floating bird with dangling white pearls creates very feminine and classic look.  I could not help but notice that she uses fauna elements a lot, mostly birds. Those little creatures put me in some poetic mood.  I would call her jewelry dreamy and feminine.
Lately Maria Bella decided to challenge herself and list one new item everyday. You go girl! This is what I call determination! Can’t wait to see more of her new works. And here are some of my favorites:

Don’t forget to visit Maria Bella Jewelry Etsy shop and her blog