June 09, 2010

Cute and funny LoveElycia

Do you want mustaches to grow on your head? I think not. But wearing a headband with a mustache on it can be fun!
And you don’t need to say “Hello” to people you meet, it’s already written on your head!

The first time I visited LoveElycia shop of my fellow etsian and a BESTeam member, I thought “this is fun!”. The thing I like about LoveElycia is that she looks like a cheerful person you could hang out all day and have time of your life.

A headband with “hello” greeting is a great conversation starter, you will be noticed in this peace for sure! And if you want to say something else than “hello” Elycia will make custom headband for you!
And now you can have mustaches even if you’re a girl. And no, it’s not below your nose, it’s on your head! Though you still can wear it anywhere it fits.
I love bows and in LoveElycia shop you will find the color that suits you.

Come visit LoveElycia shop on Etsy

I was really amazed by Elycia’s set up at the craft show. Very colorful and unique! Felted muffins in a baking tray and two little Blythe helpers, ha ha! Check it out yourself:

LoveElycia facebook


elycia said...

thank you for the great feature!!