June 23, 2010

Come shop Pink Lemonade!

What a great find for the summer! Come shop at ComeShopPinkLemonade - clothing and accessory boutique!
Meet this young and creative etsian. She will turn the simple tank in to an eye catching wardrobe peace. Colorful and feminine top is a must have for summer! ComeShopPinkLemonade clothes are adorned with the whole bouquet of flowers, you will definitely find your favorite! Mine is:

Match the tank with chunky, girly and fun jewelry! These cheerful necklaces are made of a huge size beads of different shapes and colors and that is what makes it so fun to wear and it will go well with all kinds of colors.

And did I mention she has a SALE? Don’t miss a chance to get some bargain stuff!
Don’t forget to visit ComeShopPinkLemonade blog, she has some nice tutorials, it’s always good to learn something new! You can also find her on facebook.

Take a peek at her family members shops too!

June 17, 2010

Maria Bella Jewelry. feminine beauty

For those who loves jewelry of clear, simple, yet sophisticated lines and accents I present you Maria Bella Jewelry. She uses gemstone beads and crystals in her creations. While she mainly uses silver plated metal or sterling silver, but you can also find some lovely jewelry made with brass and pewter. Maria likes the clean look of pearls and silver. Subtle combination of floating bird with dangling white pearls creates very feminine and classic look.  I could not help but notice that she uses fauna elements a lot, mostly birds. Those little creatures put me in some poetic mood.  I would call her jewelry dreamy and feminine.
Lately Maria Bella decided to challenge herself and list one new item everyday. You go girl! This is what I call determination! Can’t wait to see more of her new works. And here are some of my favorites:

Don’t forget to visit Maria Bella Jewelry Etsy shop and her blog

SURVEY RESULTS: which style are you?

I want to share a survey results with you which was created as an entry for my give away. Special thank you for those who filled out the survey! Someone might find this information useful like I did.

June 11, 2010


Well, well, well…. who is that lucky girl with aching fingers (you were keeping fingers crossed haven’t  you?) who won custom made crocheted gloves? It’s Annemarie! Congratulations!
I have send a letter containing all information needed how to get the prize, please check your e-mail (and spam box too, you never know). In case I don’t hear from the winner in five days, I will choose another winner by random selection.

The winner was selected randomly. I made it old fashion way and here’s how to do it:

1. Print the e-mail addresses of the participants on a sheet of paper you like (this time it’s light yellow color)

2. Cut the list in to pasta like pile
3. Use a beautiful dish, it’s a special occasion after all! Could not find a bowl, so I used some old or vintage  plate I’ve received as a present

4. I’ve put on an unfinished new design glove for better luck, matching the paper. It is not  a necessary step though
5. Choose the winner (do not look!)

It took some time to do all that stuff but it was fun!

Cheer up you guys, there’s going to be more giveaways on my blog! International as always and serious as usual. So don’t cry and check back from time to time.

Curious about survey results? I will share this little secret with you in my next post!

June 09, 2010

Cute and funny LoveElycia

Do you want mustaches to grow on your head? I think not. But wearing a headband with a mustache on it can be fun!
And you don’t need to say “Hello” to people you meet, it’s already written on your head!

The first time I visited LoveElycia shop of my fellow etsian and a BESTeam member, I thought “this is fun!”. The thing I like about LoveElycia is that she looks like a cheerful person you could hang out all day and have time of your life.

A headband with “hello” greeting is a great conversation starter, you will be noticed in this peace for sure! And if you want to say something else than “hello” Elycia will make custom headband for you!
And now you can have mustaches even if you’re a girl. And no, it’s not below your nose, it’s on your head! Though you still can wear it anywhere it fits.
I love bows and in LoveElycia shop you will find the color that suits you.

Come visit LoveElycia shop on Etsy

I was really amazed by Elycia’s set up at the craft show. Very colorful and unique! Felted muffins in a baking tray and two little Blythe helpers, ha ha! Check it out yourself:

LoveElycia facebook