June 11, 2010


Well, well, well…. who is that lucky girl with aching fingers (you were keeping fingers crossed haven’t  you?) who won custom made crocheted gloves? It’s Annemarie! Congratulations!
I have send a letter containing all information needed how to get the prize, please check your e-mail (and spam box too, you never know). In case I don’t hear from the winner in five days, I will choose another winner by random selection.

The winner was selected randomly. I made it old fashion way and here’s how to do it:

1. Print the e-mail addresses of the participants on a sheet of paper you like (this time it’s light yellow color)

2. Cut the list in to pasta like pile
3. Use a beautiful dish, it’s a special occasion after all! Could not find a bowl, so I used some old or vintage  plate I’ve received as a present

4. I’ve put on an unfinished new design glove for better luck, matching the paper. It is not  a necessary step though
5. Choose the winner (do not look!)

It took some time to do all that stuff but it was fun!

Cheer up you guys, there’s going to be more giveaways on my blog! International as always and serious as usual. So don’t cry and check back from time to time.

Curious about survey results? I will share this little secret with you in my next post!